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How to purchase a diamond engagement ring for first timers!

       So you found the love of your life, and now you’re ready to pop the question; Congratulations! Now the hardest part of all that is finding the right ring and figuring out how to make her utterly speechless with a picture perfect moment.

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The Cullinan Diamond - The Worlds Largest Rough Diamond

    As irresistible and desirable as diamonds may be, have you ever wondered what the biggest diamond ever discovered is? Well, get ready for your eyes to sparkle and your jaws to drop, because even till’ this day… there’s no other rough diamond that’s bigger than what you are about to feast your eyes on!

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Selling Used Diamond Jewelry: Conventional vs. “Lab Made” Diamonds

If you are looking to sell your used diamond jewelry, there are a lot of variables to take into account. Recently jewelry trading parties have seen a surge of popularity in big metropolitan New York. Naturally, one would think they could take advantage of such an event to get a great deal on heirloom quality jewelry. Almost everyone, after all, has heard the story of the kid who bartered his way up from an old cell phone to a stunning exotic Porsche sports car.

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Understanding the Diamond Business in New York City

Diamonds are more than a girl’s best friend. For hundreds of years they have been an integral part of heavy-duty industrial equipment. After all, they are one of the hardest naturally occurring elements on planet earth. This is why they are so highly sought after in metal manufacturing industries. Only a thin coating of diamond is required to optimize the power of a table saw; making it strong enough to cut through steel!  Many are under the illusion that the diamond marketplace is a glamorous venture full of easy cash. This isn’t the case unless you are properly educated about all the ins and outs of diamond selling in New York city. Indeed, diamonds are quite literally a tough sell!

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Is your Silverware actually Sterling Silver?

Many people think they have real Silverware but come to be disappointed when they find out that it was not real and only plated or pewter. There are many ways of identifying what your silver really is, let me help you with that with a simple few steps.

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Selling Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor was undoubtedly the queen of diamonds. The woman had more diamonds than she knew what to do with. But now that this beautiful legend has passed, there is only one thing to do with her diamonds: sell diamonds for cash! (Of course the cash will go to a good cause.) Her exquisite  jewelry, clothing, and art is estimated to be worth around $150 million. They are all scheduled to be auctioned off in December over a four day period. Two of those days alone will be just for jewelry.     

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