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Where can you sell your silverware sets for cash? At Global Gold and Silver of course. We are a trusted company that buys silverware. We have been buying and selling silverware sets for more than 60 years. Whether you are selling tea sets, knives, or forks to you, we are able to buy them all.

What are Silverware Sets?

SilverwareSilverware sets often comprise a range of serving pieces, dishes, tableware, and cutlery like forks, knives, spoons, and other utensils coated with silver. There is a great array of approaches to collecting works of art. One way is to collect silverware sets for use in everyday life. Such pieces can serve as a starting point for a collection that can be both displayed and used.

Silverware has traditionally been central to decorating the table for a banquet or dinner. It is common for today's collectors to use silver to create stylishly-set tables. Some collectors choose to emulate the styles of the 18th and 19th centuries with candlesticks, tureens, and ornate centerpieces, while others choose to decorate with matching or contrasting modern objects.

Silverware Sets That Global Gold and Silver Buys

How to Determine the Current Value of Your Silverware Sets

Vintage silverware sets that have been in your family for several generations can be sold rather quickly and for a handsome sum. In some cases, selling brand new silverware can bring disappointing profits. The following points are the main criteria that determine the price of silverware:

Why Sell Silverware Sets to Global Gold and Silver?

SilverwareGlobal Gold and Silver purchases silverware sets with a thorough appraisal for maximum value. We aim to be a fine matching service of only the highest quality. That's why we are able to pay well if your silverware is in re-saleable condition. Our company has been in the business for nearly seven decades and we are widely recognized for our transparent business practices. Since our inception, we have also been providing free evaluation and consultation solutions for the buying and selling of silverware sets.

We continually strive to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry, with the help of our in-house silverware technicians and appraisers. Whether you are selling silverware sets in Manhattan or New Jersey, we have got your back.


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