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What You Should Know About Georgian Jewelry

Antique jewelry lovers might already know a thing or two about this particular period in American history where certain distinctive types of jewelry were in vogue. But whether you’re an avid vintage fashion lover or just starting to read up about antique jewelry, there could be something new to learn about this particular type of jewelry, specifically Georgian jewelry.

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The In's And Out's Of Appraising Antique Jewelry

Sometimes, people are just curious to find out how much their piece of antique jewelry might be “worth”. It could be so they get bragging rights among their friends, or even just out of personal interest. It could even be interesting to try and estimate the value of the jewelry, as a game, and then go to a jewelry appraiser to get the actual answer. However, it really isn’t so straightforward to find out what jewelry is “worth” - because what is the meaning of “worth”? There are several circumstances which affect the true meaning of this word.

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Luxury Watch Brand Spotlight: Panerai

Panerai started out providing watches for the Italian military manufactured by Rolex SA, and had very humble beginnings – until it burst into popularity in the early 2000s in significant part thanks to Sylvester Stallone’s endorsement of its watches. Panerai has also partnered with major brands such as Ferrari.

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How Precious Is The Silverware In Your Home?

Many of us have legacy dinner plates or other flatware handed down to us by our grandmothers or grandfathers. Sometimes it’s just one or two pieces of silver crockery, and other times it could be an entire set of dining silver, complete with utensils. But does this inheritance hold value for you over and above its nostalgic worth? Could it also have a monetary value? It depends on several factors, including the age of the silverware, and how it was made.

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5 Methods To Verify If You Have Real Gold

Gold is considered a long-lasting metal, as it doesn’t tarnish or rust, and is dissolved only by nitro-hydrochloric acid. Gold also conducts heat and electricity, is non-magnetic and is malleable. Knowing these properties of gold can actually help you do a quick check to find out if you have real gold that could be worth something to a gold buyer.

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Sterling Silver Explained

Do you own silver jewelry? What about silverware, such as cutlery or tableware? Or even the occasional candlestick holder – Beauty and the Beast comes to mind! Now, can you say with certainty whether those items are silver or sterling silver?

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