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Rose Gold Watches

 If you're happy with your career you should dress the part to reflect it.  Traditionally, gold is the ultimate accessory to convey wealth.  After  all, this  metal is renowned for retaining it's value. Why do you think  America and a  plethora of other countries used to use the gold standard? Since the  beginning of civilization, it's been seen as a safe haven from devalued  currency and inflation.

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What Cartier is all about.

Since 1847, the name Cartier has dominated the jewelry world with the most iconic bracelet known as the Cartier Love bracelet debuting in 1969. Since then, Cartier has produced plenty of other designs stemming from the “Love bracelet” design and concept. Anybody who is anybody in the entertainment industry has one time or another been spotted wearing a Cartier love bracelet or stunning pair of diamond Cartier drop earrings to a red carpet premiere. Cartier pieces are worn not only for their iconic designs but for what they mean and represent.

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Sell old jewelry for cash or redesign it for fun!

All of us, some time or another, have inherited or received vintage jewelry. The question is, what are some of the options we can do with it? From selling jewelry to redesigning, there are a couple of answers that will raise your appreciation for acquiring vintage and antique jewelry.

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The Hottest Jewelry and Coin Purchases from 2012

Looking back on 2012, there were a couple of notable purchases that caught our attention.  As 2013 has only just begun, these purchases were still fresh in our minds:

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Five Tips to Redesigning Jewelry

It can be hard to sell old jewelry, especially if it doesn’t fit into today’s fashion or even your own style.  So why not redesign it?  Redesigning a piece of old jewelry can make a big difference in the amount you receive for the piece.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when redesigning:

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Gifting Jewelry This Season

Gift giving and be hard…and expensive.  So, why not gift jewelry that you are planning on selling?  There are certain pieces of jewelry that might mean more to someone as a gift rather than selling it for a price lower than you expected.  Silver chain-link Tiffany bracelets usually sell for a lower price than other Tiffany jewelry, because it is silver.  By simply re-polishing the bracelet and gifting it to a friend that would appreciate it, you can give the bracelet a new life!

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