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Gold And Silver Up In 2012, Say Gold Experts

In spite of a recent dip in the market for buying and selling gold in NYC and around the world, collectible coin dealers are optimistically expecting gold and silver to go up in 2012. Over the last year there has been a widely disseminated boost in gold prices continuing on from the shaky markets in 2008, which drove the price of gold upward for quite a few years. Recently the new shakiness in Europe has actually done some damage to the gold and silver markets but with that situation expected to somewhat stabilize during the next few months experts in these markets with decades of experience are once again signalling that 2012 will be a great year for gold markets.

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Hollywood Renting Gold?

Did you know that a lot of the gold in your favorite hip-hop videos or being worn by actresses at awards shows are actually rented? It should come as no surprise that Hollywood would make an effort to give the look of wealth even during economically lean times. For many years there have been large companies dedicated to renting out gorgeous jewelry and even stockpiles of cash for film shoots and other purposes. In some cases an artist will choose to go with fake gold or diamonds but more and more often, to combat savvy audiences disseminating their every move on the web, performers are going out renting gold.

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Gold Prices And Eurozone Worries

The gold markets seemed to take a long deep breath and hold on for a proposal about the currently in flux debt situation currently creating turmoil in Europe and through out the global financial world. A potential price drop would be ensured if leaders of the European Union, particularly Nicolas Sarkozy of France and Angela Merkel of Germany, failed to reach a comfortable deal to stabilize their current monetary problems.

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Gold Investment, No Longer A Novelty

Many folks used to down play the value of having some gold in a wide reaching investment portfolio. They thought it was the sort of thing reserved for end of the world fearing lunatics. They would hector the folks buying gold as an investment

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Political Failures Are Gold's Gains

As our own debt ceiling debate and recent events that have threatened the entire economy of Europe, and by extension the global economy, politics can often get in the way of money in very harmful ways. Investors at the moment are incredibly fearful of the role politicians are playing in the markets and it is causing many of them to flee towards gold.

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Gold Bullion Takes Off In Dubai

In a trend that could spread throughout the globe, gold buyers in Dubai have made some surprising moves. In the past their focus was on buying gold jewelry. The demand for gold jewelry in Dubai is driven by the demand in India who just happen to be the number one consumer of gold on the planet. That used to be based on jewelry. Jewelry with some expectation to be collected and possibly worn was for a long time the rule for Dubai gold buyers. Of late though there has been a clear switch to purchasing bullion.

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