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The Rise of the Man-gagement ring.

            On March 24, my best friend Melissa and her husband-to-be, Gavin, stood together at the altar, surrounded by one hundred loved ones.  It was a traditional ceremony; the two Argentineans smiled blissfully in a sea of white and blue. Sunlight bounced off Melissa’s gorgeous 2 carat princess cut diamond ring on her left hand. But wait…; there was small detail that set Melissa and Gavin’s ceremony apart from others. When it came to exchanging wedding bands with one another, Gavin was already wearing a ring.

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How to purchase a diamond engagement ring for first timers!

       So you found the love of your life, and now you’re ready to pop the question; Congratulations! Now the hardest part of all that is finding the right ring and figuring out how to make her utterly speechless with a picture perfect moment.

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Diamond Engagement Rings

Prior to Diamond Engagement rings common appearance on women in the U.S culture in the 1930s, women were given colored stone gems such as Opals, Rubies, Sapphires and Turquoise. De-Beers created a marketing campaign that targeted women by convincing them that they are entitled to a diamond engagement ring from their fiancé. As you can imagine, this campaign has also burned a hole in men's pockets for having to prove their love and devotion with something more special than just a colored gem.

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Diamonds after break-up

Just got out of a divorce or unpleasant break-up? Want to get rid of the presents and memories of your "once upon a time". Perhaps you’re wearing the engagement ring or a diamond necklace from Tiffany he bought you that you no longer want to carry. Here’s what you need to know about how sell diamonds and how not to get "cheated" again.

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The Top 5 Pieces to Sell to Your Local Gold and Silver Buyer

There are so many gold and silver items that you can sell, but which are the top few that you will receive the most for?  We came up with a list of pieces that are being sold the most at Global Gold and Silver and what you can receive the most for: 1.      Engagement Rings These can be worth a large amount of money, but the biggest beneficiaries are those that purchased the ring a long time ago.     2.      Gold Jewelry This category includes chains, bangles, school rings, brooches, and other weighty gold items.    

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The 10 Most Valuable Gold Items

We all know that gold is valuable, and that the economy can affect the price.  But how much can gold really be worth? Here are the top 10 most valuable gold items in the world (from most to least expensive):

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