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Is your Silverware actually Sterling Silver?

Many people think they have real Silverware but come to be disappointed when they find out that it was not real and only plated or pewter. There are many ways of identifying what your silver really is, let me help you with that with a simple few steps.

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Silver Jewelry Care

 Besides monetary value, don't hesitate to  appreciate the design value of your piece;  wear that pendant with pride! Nothing is  more timeless than an understated yet  opulent silver fashion statement. Keeping  your jewelry clean will increase both the  monetary and sentimental value of your  prized silver jewelry pieces.

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Five Tips to Redesigning Jewelry

It can be hard to sell old jewelry, especially if it doesn’t fit into today’s fashion or even your own style.  So why not redesign it?  Redesigning a piece of old jewelry can make a big difference in the amount you receive for the piece.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind when redesigning:

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