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Gold Buying and Selling

Regardless of whether or not you own a large collection of jewelry, everyone is equally vulnerable to getting ripped off at some point. One of the biggest scams are counterfeit silver items that are circulating through the marketplace. These items appear to be silver and to the naked eye. Having a trained eye wont help because the steel jewelry is often coated in  a thin layer of silver plating.

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Gold Selling Compliance in NYC

While selling your used gold jewelry sounds like a simple method to make some extra cash, you can get shortchanged if you don’t do your research beforehand. It's no mystery that gold trading is a heavily regulated industry. However, we're all just as vulnerable to fraud or shady business practices as back in the dirty thirties. DCA Commissioner Jon Mintz noted that "With the strong price of gold, the gold buying industry is booming, and yet our inspections reveal that selling your gold can be a risky proposition for consumers,”

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Selling Used Gold Jewelry in New York

      Gold is one of the most sought  after renewable resources on  Earth. With rising gold prices,  it's sensible to look into selling  your unwanted gold jewelry.

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Proper Precautions for Selling Gold in NYC

  Deal only with a licensed secondhand dealer. Check for a license on premises. Businesses buying and selling gold in New York must display a secondhand dealer license and possibly a pawnbroker’s license.

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Our Tips on Selling Gold in NYC

If you are looking for tips on selling gold jewelry, look no further. Whether you're in desperation mode to pay those bills or  have unwanted items from an ex spouse, selling used jewelry is one of the only feasible "get rich quick" schemes. However,  it's important to not go by the word of any salesman and to do your research. As long as you familiarize yourself with some      fundamental industry tips and "tricks of the trade", you'll be golden!

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Why do I need to show ID to sell gold

If you we're thinking of selling gold be sure to bring a drivers license or other government issued identification with you!  Recently a potential customer walked in and we made and offer to buy, although his license became an issue upon inspection and sadly - he was turned away!

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