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Jun 8, 2018 12:00 pm

There are so many places where you could sell gold that it can be hard to decide. The pawn shop down the street? One of the “cash for gold” stores that seem to be popping up everywhere? A “gold party” held in someone’s home? Let us help you get one thing straight first and foremost: Do NOT just go anywhere to sell your gold coins! Make sure you go to a professional gold or jewelry buyer, where you can check their credibility. When searching for a reliable gold buyer in NY or NJ, here are some tips for you to look out for:

Check For The Business’ Legitimacy

Gold coins, a rare precious metal to geologists and chemists and a symbol of value for economists and the worlds banksAny company dealing in gold has to be, first and foremost, a registered company. That way the company can be held accountable and would be less likely to pull a stunt on you. The best way to do a background check on the company is to search its name under the Better Business Bureau, to make sure that this company is one you can trust. If there have been any complaints filed against the company, you can find out here. Established jewelry buying companies like Global Gold and Silver have a good record on the Better Business Bureau.

Look For Online Reviews And Ratings

Businesses normally also receive reviews and ratings from previous customers online. This is usually the most accurate, ground-up way of knowing general sentiment about the business. Aside from reviews found on the Better Business Bureau listing, there are other sites like Facebook where you can see reviews. Global Gold and Silver have positive reviews from satisfied customers on Yelp and Citysearch.

Get A Guarantee Of Security

Never be forced into a situation where you make a sale you don’t accept. If you are thinking of mailing your gold coins to a gold buyer for an appraisal, never send anything out unless you are given a written guarantee that it will be returned if you do not agree with the sale. Look for a company which gives assurance that your gold coin will be unwrapped and inspected on camera so that it is not damaged by others.

Shop Around

American Gold CoinsWhy sell to the first bidder, when you can sell to the highest bidder? Get a number of quotes from different places – reliable ones, of course – and then go with the best one. Just be sure that the highest quote you went with doesn’t turn out to be a scam!

Looking to sell your gold coins? Speak to a professional jewelry buyer so you can be sure you aren’t selling it for less than what it could fetch. Global Gold and Silver is reliable, experienced, and friendly, and you can chat with us anytime, no appointment needed. With two stores in New York and one in New Jersey, it isn’t hard to reach us – plus, we also accept mail submissions for appraisals. Contact us today!


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