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Avoiding Fake Breitlings

Found a deal on a Breitling watch that's too good to be true? Then it probably is.   Jewelry is not only pretty, but a very  worthwhile investment. However, if  someone offers you something that  just sounds unrealistic, then it is! Unfortunately, the consumers are  more vulnerable than others when it  comes to jewelry scams.

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How & Where to Sell My Rolex?

Have you been asking yourself "Where to Sell My Rolex", many of our customers have and here is what you need to know to make an informed decision. There is something about a Rolex, that name has been around since 1908 with the first truly waterproof watch known as the Rolex Oyster debuting in 1926. Since then Rolex has produced over 25 models including the Submariner, Datejust and Yacht-Master to name a few.

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Five Tips to Selling Your Watch

At Global Gold and Silver, most people sell gold, silver, and precious stones. But you can also sell watches! Global Gold and Silver accepts watches from brands like Rolex, Breightling, Cartier, along with luxury time pieces, gold and pocket watches. We have five tips to selling your watch for cash: Find out how much your item costs for the new fair market value This can be difficult if you’re selling a vintage piece, but you should do research on how much your item is currently selling for. This will help you gauge whether or not the offer you receive is accurate and fair when you do decide to sell your watch.  Our expert watch buyers have the knowledge required to identify the watch, confirm its authenticity, and determine its fair market value.

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