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What will you buy?
We love buying anything of goldsilver, gemstones and diamonds. You can sell coin collections, watches, engagement rings, estate jewelry, silverware & much more.

Do you provide phone or email quotes?
Yes, but since our goal is to pay you well and accurately, we don’t recommend it. For every precious piece, there are nuances that effect value—and we’re not just talking about karats. A certain designer, a limited edition production, a mintmark on a coin, a diamond with a remarkable ember glow—all can add to the value of your piece, and we’ve got to see it to assess it. Anything else is unfair.

How do you value my items?
With any piece, we start by doing research and a free proper appraisal or evaluation. If we determine that its value exceeds that of its precious metals/diamonds—such as for a designer watch, a valuable coin collection, or a vintage pin—we’ll pay you the best price the market will bear. If the piece is no more valuable than its raw materials, we price it accordingly.

How do you determine the scrap value of gold and silver?
If the value of your gold or silver piece is with the metal itself, we use these three steps to determine pricing:

If you’d like, we can also purchase any companion diamonds and gemstones, too.

Can I get close to what I paid for my jewelry?
Generally, no. When you purchase jewelry in a store, it goes through two rounds of markups: the designer’s markup and the retail markup. Since we usually value jewelry by the weight and quality of its precious components, this markup is rarely recovered. We never recommend selling pieces that you still wear or feel attached to.

How do i know I can trust you?
We’re small enough that you can hold us accountable—and many of our customers do so publicly, with praise on Yelp and Citysearch.
We’re honest and transparent: just ask the Better Business Bureau—we’re accredited!

I’d like to sell my old jewelry. How do I start?
Selling at Global Gold is easy. Just follow these five steps:

  1. Visit one of our locations, or send in your items via FedEx.
  2. Our experienced staff will evaluate your items right in front of you to determine the quality and value of the item or its component pieces.
  3. We’ll weigh your item on state-certified, ultra-accurate scales.
  4. We’ll make you an offer, which you can take of leave (we don’t charge assessment fees).
  5. You decide how you’d like to be paid—in cash or by check. We’ll provide a written receipt.

Do i need an appointment?
NO. Walk in customers are welcome any time, however if you have a large collection it is recommended.

Do i need ID to Sell Gold?
Yes, State and federal laws requires that we get a copy of your identification such as a license or work ID. This is strictly for our records and will never be shared.


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