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Sep 6, 2018 12:00 am

Gold is considered a long-lasting metal, as it doesn’t tarnish or rust, and is dissolved only by nitro-hydrochloric acid. Gold also conducts heat and electricity, is non-magnetic and is malleable. Knowing these properties of gold can actually help you do a quick check to find out if you have real gold that could be worth something to a gold buyer.

The Magnet Test

It is better to test this with a strong magnet to be sure of the accuracy of the test. As gold is non-magnetic, it would not be attracted by the magnet. If it is attracted, it is likely a gold alloy, gold plated, or a fake. When trying out this test, do remember that jewelry pieces usually have certain elements such as clasps or wires which are not made from gold and could be attracted to the magnet. Also, do note that if the piece is not magnetic, it could also be made from other precious metals such as silver, so it’s best to do further testing on your item to verify that it is real gold.

The Float Test

For this test, you should prepare a container filled with enough water that your gold item can be fully submerged in, so as to increase the accuracy of the test. Gold has a high density of 19.32 grams per ml, so if you place it in a cup or bowl of water, it would definitely sink. If it half floats it would likely be a gold alloy, and fake or gold plated items would hover or float. Do note however in doing this test that a fake item could be made of other heavy metals which also sink, so if your item sank but you still are unsure, try another test.

The Magnifying Glass Test

If you have a magnifying glass at home, grab it and look at your gold item through the lens. Carefully inspect it for any signs of discoloration, as this would indicate it is not gold or is gold plated. Also check the color and shininess, as pure gold is not very shiny, and in fact has a soft yellow color, instead of a reddish toned item which would likely be a fake.

The Hallmark TestVerify Gold

Check your item for markings, stamps or other hallmarks. These might be on the inside surface or near the clasp. Such markings show gold purity in karats and also may bear the maker’s stamp.

Gold Testing Machines

The most accurate of testing methods which can also provide specific information about your item’s gold purity. These are XRF thermo and electronic gold testing machines. However, these are specialized items which can be expensive or hard to come by.

A professional gold buyer would be able to give you a proper valuation of your gold, as well as further information such as any potential added value as a collector’s item and more. Global Gold and Silver has plenty of satisfied customers who have sold their gold and silver jewelry and other items with us. Contact us today!


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