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Sep 17, 2013 3:35 am

diamond engagement ringPrior to Diamond Engagement rings common appearance on women in the U.S culture in the 1930s, women were given colored stone gems such as Opals, Rubies, Sapphires and Turquoise. De-Beers created a marketing campaign that targeted women by convincing them that they are entitled to a diamond engagement ring from their fiancé. As you can imagine, this campaign has also burned a hole in men's pockets for having to prove their love and devotion with something more special than just a colored gem.

For those who have found their One & Only, you're most likely on the quest to finding the perfect ring. There are many different styles of rings. You have the traditional Solitaire ring (just the center stone), Eternity set (diamonds around the shank? and the Halo setting (diamonds around the center stone). One is not better than the other; it's a matter of preference.  As for the trend of 2013, women are looking for Halo setting; it causes an illusion for the center stone to seem bigger.

After you have chosen the setting, it's time to get down to the center stone, The Diamond. Purchasing a ring is a big decision. In most cases, it only happens once in a lifetime. You want to guarantee your wife's satisfaction for the next few years, so be sure to put effort into the process. Take the time to shop around and look at different diamond shapes such as Round, Princess, Radiant or maybe Cushion cut.

If you're on a budget, stay away from designer brands. All diamonds come from the same earth, so why pay a premium just for the name.

Besides that, it's a tradition to get your wife a bigger and better diamond for the 10th year anniversary. If your love and commitment for one another reached 10 years together, then she's worth every carat.

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