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Nov 1, 2012 5:53 am

There are so many gold and silver items that you can sell, but which are the top few that you will receive the most for?  We came up with a list of pieces that are being sold the most at Global Gold and Silver and what you can receive the most for:

1.      Engagement Rings

These can be worth a large amount of money, but the biggest beneficiaries are those that purchased the ring a long time ago.



2.      Gold Jewelry

This category includes chains, bangles, school rings, brooches, and other weighty gold items.



3.      Gold and Silver Bullion

Gold and Silver Bullion will pay back its fair market value.




4.      Top Brands

We think of top brands as names that don’t go out of style or aren’t forgotten (i.e. Tiffany and Rolex).  These brands keep their value over time, because the remarket ability of the item tends to increase its value above what it is worth if the item was melted.



5.      Jewelry

Here, we include rings, pendants, earrings, and any other jewelry that can be priced in quantity.




Each of these items depends on the age of the item and the price of gold when the item was purchased.  Each category is unique.  Take a look at the gold or silver items you have lying around the house, and decide which category your gold and silver items would fit into.

At Global Gold and Silver we take time to assess each piece in front of you and with 20 years of experience, we ensure you get the best price for your gold and silver jewelry.


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