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Dec 14, 2011 4:07 am

Did you know that a lot of the gold in your favorite hip-hop videos or being worn by actresses at awards shows are actually rented? It should come as no surprise that Hollywood would make an effort to give the look of wealth even during economically lean times. For many years there have been large companies dedicated to renting out gorgeous jewelry and even stockpiles of cash for film shoots and other purposes. In some cases an artist will choose to go with fake gold or diamonds but more and more often, to combat savvy audiences disseminating their every move on the web, performers are going out renting gold.

Any NYC gold buyers out there know that people working in the entertainment business do not have nearly the amount of riches that is sometimes portrayed in their work and in their public appearances. Major collectors of gold and people who make money selling gold in NYC or in Hollywood likely regularly get offers from entertainment companies to rent some of their wares. It is a great way to feed the gold market while also keeping gold's public cachet as high as ever.

With the continued downturn in the economy and the public's endless interest in glamour it seems this trend is going nowhere soon.


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