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Nov 4, 2011 5:58 am

As our own debt ceiling debate and recent events that have threatened the entire economy of Europe, and by extension the global economy, politics can often get in the way of money in very harmful ways. Investors at the moment are incredibly fearful of the role politicians are playing in the markets and it is causing many of them to flee towards gold.

Gold as any NYC gold buyers will tell you is a hedge against inflation, deflation, and any other uncertainty that might make a return on investments questionable. In the end these things are currently being driven by the often mismanaged hands of governments around the globe. The complete lack of confidence from markets, investors and really the global population at large has resulted in one of the best gold markets in history. Certainly the best since the development of a global economic system that has recently been called into question on a seemingly daily basis.

As a result if you are looking to sell gold in NYC you are in a pretty great position. Prices are currently high and seem to be climbing still higher. In the end, I suppose all that political ineptitude had to do someone some good.


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