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Nov 17, 2011 10:30 am

Many folks used to down play the value of having some gold in a wide reaching investment portfolio. They thought it was the sort of thing reserved for end of the world fearing lunatics. They would hector the folks buying gold as an investment

as fear mongerers and loonies. Well now no one is hectoring. Instead gold buyers NYC have a new found clout and status as justifiably cautious and creating a nice balance to the short term economic gamblers of the last few years.

If that same economic unease has taken it's bite out of your bank account you might have even found yourself surprised while selling gold NYC just how much money the jewelry gathered in the good times actually was. These days of course things have changed anyone truly hoping to have a stable nest egg has invested at least some of their capital in gold. It is a sound investment and will be sure to keep your accounts in the green no matter what the markets do.

Investing in gold may not make the huge win-falls of cash we all have elaborate fantasies about but it is much more likely to be there when someone else's ill gotten financial situation bankrupts the rest of us.


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