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Aug 8, 2013 7:52 am

cartier bracelet

Since 1847, the name Cartier has dominated the jewelry world with the most iconic bracelet known as the Cartier Love bracelet debuting in 1969. Since then, Cartier has produced plenty of other designs stemming from the “Love bracelet” design and concept. Anybody who is anybody in the entertainment industry has one time or another been spotted wearing a Cartier love bracelet or stunning pair of diamond Cartier drop earrings to a red carpet premiere. Cartier pieces are worn not only for their iconic designs but for what they mean and represent.

The iconic house of Cartier has been one of the most influential and leading watch & jewelry designer labels in the fashion world since 1847. Cartier, over the many decades, has continued to shaped the jewelry and watch industry through its definitive designs that allow the consumer to unknowingly create a unique connection with each item. Along with detailed and impeccable craftsmanship, Cartier has held up to its high quality reputation since the year it was founded. It’s completely understandable why you might have to break the piggy bank and save up for a while to obtain something with the Cartier signature. Whether it’s a leather calfskin wallet or a diamond watch to help you function on a daily basis, you can be confident enough that you will be getting your money’s worth when purchasing a Cartier piece.

Not all Cartier jewelry buyers are the same! Some jewelry stores will buy it for their own inventory while others have a network of other buyers to deal with. Some may even try to pay you for the gold content only and forget about the designer signature. It’s important to find a place to sell your Cartier items that knows how to properly appraise your items for its highest worth, and make you a competitive offer based on real world market resale value. At Global Gold & Silver we have expert appraisers on staff and we hope you consider us when you decide to sell your next Cartier piece for cash.


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