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Jun 8, 2018 12:10 pm

When selling your estate jewelry, you’ll want to go with a buyer that’s not only trustworthy and reliable, with a long list of satisfied customers – you’ll want to go for the buyer with the highest payout. Global Gold and Silver does research on your jewelry to find out if the value of the pieces might be higher than just their melt value, taking into account factors like scarcity, heritage, vintage appeal, and market trends.

What Exactly Is Considered As Estate Jewelry?

Jewelry, gold, necklaces, rings, bracelets, watch, wealthEstate jewelry, simply put, is jewelry which someone has passed on to you. It means you didn’t go down to the jewelry store and purchase it yourself! Most likely it was passed on by your mother or grandmother, or someone else in the family who had a valuable piece of jewelry. Estate jewelry is also sometimes called heirloom jewelry. Some of these pieces can be considered vintage jewelry (20 to 50 years old at least), and some even older ones are known as antique jewelry (at least 100 years old).

Why Do People Sell Estate Jewelry?

Some clients sell their estate jewelry because they may be out of fashion and nobody wears them anymore. Others feel the jewelry does not match their look or their lifestyle. Still others have broken jewelry and do not see the point in repairing them. Jewelry can be sold for its precious metals, its gemstones, or in its entirety if it may have value as a collector’s item.

Do I Have Estate Jewelry In My Home?

Often, estate jewelry goes unnoticed or forgotten because it simply isn’t used. It isn’t uncommon for people to dig up some antique jewelry in the attic of their family home, owned by family members several generations past. Some of these jewelry would fetch a very high price today, especially by collectors with a keen interest in vintage items. If you’re not doing anything with your estate jewelry, it could make sense to sell it off at a good price instead of keeping it at home.

How Do I Sell My Estate Jewelry?

Treasures in the wooden chestFirst, find a specialist jewelry store owned by a certified gemologist or someone who is a professional at appraising jewelry and other luxury goods. You’ll want someone who is listed on the Better Business Bureau, has positive reviews on online directories like Yelp and City search, and who has a track record of giving high payouts to previous sellers for their jewelry and other items. Then, make a phone call to book an appointment, or simply walk into any of their stores. Some places also offer the option of selling by post, but it’s always better all around to be there in person if you can.

If you’re in the New York or New Jersey area, look no further than Global Gold and Silver. Our website shows you all the information about our company, our founder, and even reveals the payouts we made to previous customers. Some customers have gotten over $10,000 for their items, and yours might be worth that or even more.  Chat with us today!


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