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Aug 8, 2013 10:00 pm

rose gold watch If you're happy with your career you should dress the part to reflect it.  Traditionally, gold is the ultimate accessory to convey wealth.  After  all, this  metal is renowned for retaining it's value. Why do you think  America and a  plethora of other countries used to use the gold standard? Since the  beginning of civilization, it's been seen as a safe haven from devalued  currency and inflation.

Despite it's fascinating history, gold isn't always in vogue. In the past  twenty  years gold has developed an associated with the Nouveau  Riche. Just look at  the palatial Villa De Versailles in Malibu. It's  absolutely atrocious. In the  1990 film Wall Street, the villanous broker  Gordon Gecko was know for his  tacky fashion and gold watches. If you  keep up with the trends and are  involved in the fashion industry you'll  understand the unusual stigma behind wearing gold.

Yellow gold jewelry can often look garish. This is why we recommend selecting a timepiece with rose gold. Rose gold is truly a gorgeous color. Some of the most beautiful rose gold watches can be found at fine retailers such as Cartier and Tag Heuer.

Rose gold is a great choice with a lot of sentimental value. During the pre-war era the technology didnt exist to find gold prospects. As a result, the precious metal was scarce and jewelry craftsmen mixed gold with other metals. Admixture with copper is what achieves this glowing rosy hue.

While yellow gold is often hard to pair with certain colors, rose gold can go with almost any outfit. This is thanks in part to its more neutral hue. In fact, fashion experts agree that you can n mix it with other alloys such as stainless steel or silver chains. It's a sophisticated fashion statement that will set you apart from the overdone carbon black trend. Undoubtedly, it's also a great investment that will not only retain it's value but will be in vogue for generations to come.

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