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Everyone is aware that Chanel’s ready-to-wear designs come a little understated. However, it is her jewelry range that is highly ornate, flashy, and bold. Since our inception, Global Gold and Silver has developed a strong reputation for providing truthful information on gemstones and jewelry. When it comes to buying your Chanel jewelry, you can rest assured that we will make the process hassle-free by putting direct honesty, genuine enthusiasm, and an outstanding depth of knowledge to work for you.

History of Chanel

ChanelCoco Chanel was well-known for her trademark little black dresses and suits. As a fashion designer, she has created timeless designs that remain popular today. Born in 1883, Coco Chanel learnt how to sew when she was raised in an orphanage. Before opening her first clothes shop in 1910, she had a short stint as a singer. After launching her first perfume, she introduced the Chanel suit and little black dress to the world. Her works placed an emphasis on making clothes that provide comfort for women.

So far, her clothing designs were recognized for their lean silhouette, sleek look, and subtle palate. As mentioned, Chanel's taste in luxury jewelry was nothing short of theatrical and bold. It was never just a single strand of pearls. For Chanel, she chose to wear multiple pearl sautoirs that were loosely looped around her neck. She was also often photographed wearing them, thus her famed admiration of pearls.

Chanel managed to launch her first fine jewelry collection in the early 1930s. Her main inspiration were constellations. The collection featured amazing designs that included a diamond brooch in the shape of a star, a fringe necklace that could be used as a tiara, and the ever-magnificent Comète necklace. The Comète necklace featured a cascade of diamonds at one end and a diamond star at the other.

Types of Chanel Jewelry That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Chanel Jewelry to Global Gold and Silver?

ChanelWhen you work with our seasoned NYC jewelry buyers, you can expect a pleasant experience from start to finish. Our in-house jewelry appraisers and certified technicians have access to the best resources to conduct detailed assessments of the purity, weight, and payout of each and every item. That's why we can make sure that you are getting the exceptional deals for Chanel jewelry when you work with us!

Global Gold and Silver has been in the business for more than 60 years. We offer a transparent service and have achieved A+ ratings from BBB. What's more, our team comprises of expert GIA gemologists who can provide stellar consultation and evaluation solutions. Since our inception, we are widely recognized in this industry when it comes to the buying and selling of gems, watches, bullion, and gold jewelry.


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