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How much is your Judith Ripka jewelry worth? Are you curious to find out the value of your collection? At Global Gold and Silver, we can help you! As a reputable NYC jewelry buyer, we are able to purchase and appraise all types of Judith Ripka jewelry. You can be sure to enjoy the best possible deals from us!

History of Judith Ripka

JudthikaOne of the reasons why Judith Ripka remains a favorite among style-savvy women and international fashion trendsetters is because of its consistent design philosophy. The brand's favored design elements consist of sterling silver, 14K/18K gold, as well as the use of bold, intense, and radiant colors. Since the brand's inception, approximately 40 years ago, its easily identifiable design DNA will continue to stay rooted in timelessness. Also called the Queen of Hearts, Judith Ripka's attention to materialization and craftsmanship are evident in the intricate detailing of her works. From vibrant colors to matte finishes, she is also famous for her custom faceting skills of diamonds and gemstones.

Today, Judith Ripka Ltd continues to be perceived as one of the most trusted and desirable luxury jewelry brands in the world. Judith works non-stop to ensure she strikes the right balance between the modern women's fashion sense and the elegance that a classic woman carries. In 2017, Judith Ripka earned the Accessory Pioneer Award at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. It was a celebration held at the United Nations.

Types of Judith Ripka Jewelry That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Judith Ripka Jewelry to Global Gold and Silver?

Our seasoned buyers of fine jewelry are able to offer tailored customer services, which is also fueled by tech-aided convenience. You can be sure that Global Gold and Silver has a team of passionate jewelry enthusiasts, and we treat your Judith Ripka jewelry with great respect when we buy them from you. Talk to us today if you want to sell your fine jewelry collection today for the best prices.

When it comes to selling gems, watches, bullion, and gold jewelry, Global Gold and Silver is the name you can trust. As a BBB A+ rated company, we have been in the business for more than 60 years and have a team of expert watch appraisals. Since our inception, we have been offering transparent services, including consultation and appraisal solutions for Judith Ripka jewelry.


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