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In the United States, commemorative coins honor and celebrate American institutions, events, place, and people, and are authorized by Congress. Each coin represents a piece of symbolic history. Not only do they represent one's investment in maintaining their American Past, but also for the future. If you are planning to sell some of your commemorative coin collections to make space for new ones, or because you are moving to a new place, look no further than Global Gold and Silver to buy your commemorative coins at the most competitive rates.

What are Commemorative Gold Coins?

In ancient times, commemorative coins were used to disseminate news throughout the country. Today, they are specifically designed to honor and record important events, places, and people. Just about every nation has issued commemorative coins throughout its recorded history. When it comes to commemorative coins, you can find those that are minted for coin collectors and others that are circulated alongside regularly issued coins. Oftentimes, commemoratives are issued for one year and may sometimes be extended, provided that the public expresses continued interest.

In the US coin collecting market, a commemorative coin is identified as a special, non-circulating coin that is issued by the country's official mint. Collectors are then allowed to purchase these coins at a price that's lower than the above face value. Certain surcharges may be used to support a program that's related to the subject of the coin. For instance, a collector had bought commemorative coins of San Francisco's Old Mint. Part of the proceeds went to fund the development of a museum, in the Old Mint building of San Francisco.

Commemorative Gold Coins That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why are Commemorative Gold Coins Popular?

Today, just about every coin produced at The United States Mint may be commemorating something. From commemorating national parks to anniversaries of presidents, and more, there is a wide variety of subject matters that commemorative coins cover. That's why coin collectors can always find something of interest to collect, and because of their potential to retain and grow their value, such commemorative coins stay popular through the ages.

Why Sell Commemorative Gold Coins to Global Gold and Silver?

Global Gold and Silver has been in the business for more than 60 years, and continually strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. When it comes to buying commemorative coins, we provide free consultation and evaluation solutions. Apart from our transparent business practices, you can also enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we have achieved A+ ratings from the BBB.

Whether you are selling commemorative coins in NJ or Manhattan, our team has got you well covered. With the assistance of our in-house coin technicians, you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth process from start to finish. If you are new to the scene, and want to know how selling or buying commemoratives work, we have the answers that you seek. Talk to us today and find out more. 


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