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Although silver jewelry possesses great charm and allows individuals to show their trendy side without spending a fortune, more people are opting for gold jewelry. As you can see, gold jewelry has its own unique cycles of popularity. They are just like waves, i.e. they come and float away, only to come back again, fresher and stronger than ever before. When it comes to gold jewelry, some people use their valuation certificates as a proof of ownership of the item. Is that necessary when you want or need to sell your gold jewelry?

Is a Proof of Ownership Necessary?

It is recommended that you have your proof of ownership readily available. You should keep in mind that the price of jewelry is directly linked to the world gold prices. These prices are also linked to the prevailing exchange rates. Hence, it is important that your proof of ownership (valuation certificates) are up to date. This will ensure that you get the sum you want when selling your gold jewelry. In addition, you should update your certificates once every two to three years. Updating it regularly is a good practice.

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Whether you are planning to sell gold rings or gold watches, we have got your back. At Global Gold & Silver, can ascertain the value, weight, and purity of your jewelry to the highest level of accuracy. As we offer honest services and competitive pricing, we are one of the best places to sell gold both in the New Jersey metro area and New York City.

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