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Are yellow gold karats comparable to white gold karats? The answer is yes. If you take a closer look at how white gold is made, you will notice that yellow gold is mixed with other metals. For example, yellow gold tends to contain more nickel, whereas white gold has more zinc. As you can see, their unique properties are the things that can affect their value. It is important that you understand these facts before selling your valuables.

Yellow Gold Vs. White Gold

The common characteristics of yellow gold include:

The common characteristics of white gold include:

Do Their Colors Matter?

Yes, the color of the gold does matter. For example, rhodium (a white metal) is often used to coat jewelry. The metal gives white gold its color. That's not all. Rhodium also increases the durability of white gold. The additional protective layer covers the softer yellow gold alloy. Oftentimes, rhodium can be costly. That is why it can increase the value of white gold jewelry. In other words, it can be more expensive than their yellow counterparts.

While Global Gold and Silver can't match the initial price, you have paid for your yellow or white gold jewelry, i.e. the retail markup and designer’s markup, you can rest assured that we will offer the best possible prices for your valuables.


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