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Are you looking for a reputable estate jewelry buyer that can facilitate a fast and convenient sale for your prized brooches? Well, look no further than Global Gold and Silver! Since our inception, we have been the company that many people trust to sell their estate jewelry. As a leading buyer of brooches in New York, we strive to offer highly competitive offers for a wide range of estate jewelry, including brooches.

What are Brooches?

BroochesBrooches are basically decorative jewelry items that can be attached to garments. The purpose is to hold those garments closed, like a fastener for a cloak. While brooches are usually made of metal, bronze, gold, and silver are other materials used as well. These pieces are often decorated with gemstones or enamel, and may be solely for ornamental display. The earliest versions of brooches originated from the Bronze Age. Because brooches' fashion trends also change pretty quickly, they are important chronological indicators. Fibula is a Latin term used to describe European brooches found in archaeology.

Why You Should Sell Brooches

A brooch is a classic accessory that's traditionally worn as a pin on the side of a dress or blouse. It can also be worn in the area where a low-hanging pendant would sit. Brooches are making a comeback due to the resurrection of public interest in vintage fashion. Top designers from around the world are now creating lines of exquisite brooches. These pieces also enjoy increased popularity in formal and business settings.

With the new popularity of brooches, that has created a major opportunity for individuals who wish to sell the diamond brooches they have inherited from their parents and/or ancestors. Simply put, the market for brooches has never been hotter. Many modern versions of brooches mimic the classic look of vintage or antique brooches found in estate collections. In other words, older and pre-owned diamond brooches are very much in demand!

Brooches That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Brooches to Global Gold and Silver?

BroochesSince our inception, we are a reputable provider people trust for the purchase and sale of brooches. Global Gold and Silver has built an extensive network of clients waiting to acquire antique and vintage pieces. What's more, we are paying very high rates to purchase them in order to satisfy our clients’ requests and needs. Although older brooches look their age, it should not stop you from testing the market. With unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we continually make extremely substantial offers for brooches which are in need of repair.

At Global Gold and Silver, we are A+ rated by BBB and have been in the business for nearly 70 years. Our team comprises of expert estate jewelers who can provide stellar consultation and evaluation solutions as well as guaranteeing a transparent service.

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