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Do you own some old jewelry? Maybe you got them from your grandpa or great-aunt. Perhaps it may be items you have been accumulating for years but do not wear them out anymore. Alternatively, it could be a valuable piece of estate jewelry you found at an antique shop. In any case, you might be interested in finding out what it would be worth on today's market. If this is true, you have come to the right place.

What is Estate Diamond Jewelry?

Estate JewelryEstate jewelry is a term that originated from jewelry that has been inherited from a deceased person’s estate. Today, it simply refers to pieces that had a previous owner, no matter where they came from. You can refer estate jewelry to second-hand jewelry as well. However, we are not talking about old necklaces from a random mal or tiny diamond earrings. Estate jewelry possesses significant value. The various periods of estate jewelry are Art Deco, Edwardian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Retro, and Georgian (listed in order of importance).

Estate Diamond Jewelry That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why is Estate Diamond Jewelry Popular?

Diamond jewelry form certain style periods has mass acceptance are actively traded globally. At Global Gold and Silver, we research each item individually so that we can return as much money to our clients as possible given the fluctuating conditions in both the international and domestic markets. It is our interest to make you a competitive offer.

Why Sell Diamond Jewelry to Global Gold and Silver?

At Global Gold and Silver, we are one of the few jewelers that can offer unmatched expertise and the financial resources to pay our clients a fair market price for their estate diamond jewelry. Our company offers the highest knowledge, credentials, as well as the length and depth of experience in our profession. We are dedicated to providing professional and personal service anywhere, guaranteeing a successful and pleasant estate jewelry selling experience.

Estate JewelryWe understand that selling your diamond jewelry may be an emotional and intimidating undertaking. That's why we are always ready to help you make informed decisions. When you make use of our free consultation and evaluation solutions, you can rest assured that you are never obliged to sell any of your diamond jewelry. Since our inception, we have been doing this for free so that our clients can acquire a deeper understanding of how selling estate diamond jewelry in NYC works.

Our company has been in the business for nearly 70 years and is widely recognized for our transparent business practices. Our dedication and hard work have also allowed us to achieve A+ ratings from the BBB. With the assistance of our in-house diamond jewelry appraisers and technicians, you can sell your jewelry with confidence. Talk to us today and find out more!


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