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Are you looking to sell pendants from your estate jewelry collection? At Global Gold and Silver, we have been buying fine jewelry from private collections that were passed down from generation to generation. We recognize that the process can be both emotional and exciting. With expert counsel and the assurance of the strictest standards of confidentiality, we strive to offer you the highest possible return for your items.

What are Pendants?

Blue-Gemstone-and-Diamond-Pendant-NecklaceWhat do pendants, necklaces, chokers, and chains have in common? These items are considered as accessories that are meant to be worn around the owner's neck. However, there are differences between them that should not be used interchangeably or confused. A necklace is designed to be worn around the neck and most of them tend to consist of a metal jewelry chain, mainly in silver or gold. Next, necklaces can also feature a series of gemstones that are linked together in the form of a chain. If you own a necklace that features a charm—dangling or hanging from it—that charm is known as a pendant. Pendants are usually attached to a necklace via a small loop.

Understanding the History of Pendants

The history of pendants dates back to the prehistoric time period. A good example is the Venus of Hohle Fels. It is an archeological artifact and figurine that was carved out of Mammoth's ivory. Its design was the shape of a woman's body. The figurine had a perforation around the head area. It is said that she may have worn that as a pendant. In the 600 BC, the Greeks started using gems and gold in jewelry. The Greeks then managed to master making colored jewelry with emeralds, pearls, and amethysts. This is the period when the pendant as we know it today started making an appearance as an article of jewelry.

Pendants That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Pendants to Global Gold and Silver?

With our expertise and experience, we are able to offer expert advice related to the pendants that you plan to sell. Our valuation services are free of charge and you are not obliged to sell your items! Since our inception, we have also been providing a transparent and educational environment for all our valued clients. We are more than happy to help our customers to understand the true value of their pendants and how selling these pendants in New York work.

Our A+ rated company has been in the business for more than a decade and we specialize in watches, gold, jewelry, gems, bullions, and more. Our dedicated employees work tirelessly to maintain the highest level of customer service in the industry. At Global Gold & Silver, our team comprises of seasoned NYC pendant buyers that can facilitate a satisfactory transaction when it comes to buying pendants.

If you wish to sell estate jewelry such as pendants, do not hesitate to contact Global Gold and Silver for assistance today!


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