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For many years, gold watches represent both societal status and wealth. Watch makers are known to use gold as a case material in a historical sense and for practical reasons. Gold as a metal can be easily machined to being heavily tarnish-resistant. The material is also known to take a polish exceptionally well. If you are planning to sell your gold watch, look no further than Global Gold and Silver. We buy a wide variety of gold watches. Regardless of how many watches you are selling to us, we always strive to pay the highest price possible for your watches.

What are Gold Watches?

Gold WatchesHistorically, a majority of gold watches has either been made from 14k or 18k gold. The latter variations are a relatively recent phenomenon. Their popularity started to flourish in the early 1980s. When gold prices began to increase, watch makers were allowed to add more gold into the watches. In the business and corporate world, gold watches are known to possess an interesting history. Companies were known to award employees with gold watches upon their retirement. This type of watch is also worn as a daily staple by certain types of professionals and business executives, as an indicator of one's social status and financial success.

Why are Gold Watches Popular?

People tend to be attracted to flashy objects and flashy investments. This explains the undeniable desirability, prestige, and power that gold wristwatches have. The appeal of wearing and owning a full-gold watch is still very much a desire for many individuals across different cultures and of all ages.

Gold Watches That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Gold Watches to Global Gold and Silver?

Gold WatchesOur company is widely known to many gold watch sellers out there. Since our inception, we have been offering stellar valuation services that are free of charge, and with no strings attached. We are very transparent with our services and strive to provide an educational environment for all our valued clients. Global Gold & Silver has been in the business for more than 60 years, specializing in watches, gold, and more.

Our A+ rated company comprises of seasoned NYC gold watch buyers and can facilitate a highly satisfactory transaction for you. At Global Gold & Silver, we understand that selling your gold watches can be a personal and even emotional decision. That's why we have developed a process that is fast, private, and secure. We also aim to provide the best possible offers and a price match guarantee.

If you wish to sell your gold watches at the best prices, do not hesitate to contact Global Gold and Silver for assistance today!


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