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When you enter the world of collecting items, you will find that coins are one of the most exceptional items available for collection. There is a wide variety of ways to collect coins, and that's why the possibilities seem endless. If you are planning to sell some of your old graded coins to make way for newer ones, look no further than Global Gold and Silver. We are a trusted graded coin buyer in New York.

What are Graded Coins?

A coin's numismatic value usually depends on three key elements: its condition, its population or mintage, and the mintmark and date of the coin. So, what is a graded coin? Basically, a graded coin denotes a coin's condition in small increments. There are five general components that determine the grade of a coin:

During every grading process, the coins are meticulously scrutinized. The value of a graded coin is greatly affected when an insignificant flaw to a layman is discovered. To avoid such issues, exacting standards must be maintained and subjectivity kept to a minimal. When certified coins are assigned to reputable third-party grading services for grade measurement, they become graded coins.

Understanding the Coin Grading Scale

What is Coin Grading?

Coin grading is the process of measuring the wear of a coin and how well it is preserved. The three main areas to consider when grading a coin, includes:

Currently, the two most respected companies providing coin grading solutions are the NGC and PCGS. Certified coin experts are trained to meticulously and diligently look over every last detail of the coin to determine its worth. One should note that PCGS-graded coins possess high values in the marketplace.

Why Sell Graded Coins to Global Gold and Silver?

When you choose to sell graded coins to Global Gold and Silver, you can expect a pleasant experience from start to finish. Our company has been in the business for more than 60 years and we have our in-house certified graded coin technicians who can conduct detailed assessments to determine an accurate and fair payout for your graded coins.

What's more, we achieved A+ ratings from the BBB as we place a huge emphasis on employing the best business practices to benefit our clients. You can be sure that we have a consistent track record of providing stellar consultation and evaluation solutions for the buying and selling of gold, jewelry, bullion, watches, and gems – and graded coins are one of our specializations.

If you have any questions regarding our buying requirements for graded coins, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff today!


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