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One of the most trusted ways to find out whether your gold jewelry is real or fake is to have it tested by a certified jeweler. If you want to do it yourself, here are a few hacks.

Fake Gold Herringbones

Fake Gold Earrings

All parts of the earring, except the wire/post, will be gold in color. Others will have the same color as the base metal.

Fake Gold Rings

Fake Gold Add-A-Beads

It’s not easy to bend fake gold add-a-beads. A real one would succumb to even the smallest squeeze, pliers, teeth, fingers etc. The fake ones are resistant to any pressure and are very hard.

Using a magnet is also an effective method to judge whether gold is real or fake. Real gold isn’t magnetic, but other metals used in gold plating processes are magnetic in nature. You may not have authentic gold jewelry if it is attracted to a magnet. At Global Gold And Silver, we can evaluate your gold jewelry to the highest level of accuracy.


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