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A rough estimation would be more than three weeks. However, the diamond purchasing process will last as long as it lasts. Some individuals may spend several weeks or even months deciding on which diamonds to buy. Others may stumble across the perfect diamond in the first shop they walk into. No matter what happens, you need a plan. Here is a quick look at the various stages of buying a diamond.

Stage One: Figuring Out What You're Looking For

Today, there is a bewildering array of diamonds to browse through. Aside from the style and design of the diamonds (There is nothing too specific to think about. Picture the basic cut shape and style of the finished diamond that you want), you should also take note of the 4Cs: Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color. These factors will help you separate a high-quality diamond from a lesser one. This stage may take up to three days.

Stage Two: Searching and Browsing

Now that you have an idea of what you want, you can start browsing online or in physical stores. It is recommended that you see any piece of fine jewelry in person. You should find a reputable dealer that can provide certificates that showcase the grading of a diamond. Try not to overload yourself. Narrow your choices down to about five or six diamonds. Whatever you do, try to avoid making impulse purchases. You can expect to spend about one or two weeks on this stage.

Stage Three: Narrow Down Your Options

You are now ready to order. Revisit all of the stores you have in your shortlist. Use the opportunity to narrow your search even more. You can expect to spend another week on this. If the diamond you are purchasing will be set into an existing band (e.g. a diamond engagement ring), the process will take a little longer, e.g. between four and six weeks.


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