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It is possible to save money while buying diamonds. There is no exact amount to state because each purchase happens on a case-by-case basis.

Buy at the Right Time

If you want to save money when buying diamonds (e.g. popular diamond cuts), it is recommended that you wait for fads to die down. For example, everyone is eyeing an oval-shaped diamond that a celebrity is sporting at the moment. Diamond sellers and dealers are aware of trends like these. They may artificially inflate prices for such diamond shapes. If you really can't wait to buy one, you must always compare your options. This way, you can get a fair price.

Purchase Diamond Shapes with High Size-to-Carat Weight Ratios

By buying diamonds with a marquise or pear cut, you can save money on diamond carat weight. These shapes feature very high size-to-carat weight ratios. This means that they look larger than they actually are.

Buy Diamonds with Lower Color Grades

You can consider setting diamonds with lower color grades (but with high blue fluorescence) in colored metals, e.g. rose gold or yellow gold. This will help conceal any signs of yellow coloration. This way, you can save more money while buying diamonds.

Opt for a Brilliant Cut Diamond

Another way to save money while buying diamonds is to choose brilliant cut diamonds. For example, round and princess diamonds are popular brilliant shapes. Because of their faceting patterns, they can hide lower clarity grades. What’s more, princess diamonds typically cost 20 to 30 percent less than round diamonds, of the same carat weight.


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