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Some individuals sell gold jewelry, which will be melted down in gold refineries. This allows the precious metal to be extracted. If you want to sell your gold necklace, you should find out the weight of the pure gold. Here is a quick look at how you do it:

Check the Purity of the Gold Necklace

Purity refers to the proportion of pure gold that exists alongside other metals in the gold alloy. In most cases, alloys contain additional metals such as nickel, copper, silver, and zinc. This is done to increase the material's durability and overall hardness. You can spot the purity of a gold necklace by checking the karat marks, e.g. 20K, 18K, 14K, or 10K. If you do not see any karat stamps, Global Gold and Silver can test your gold necklace for its purity. Alternatively, you can use a gold testing kit.

Once you have determined the karat number of the gold necklace, convert those figures to a percentage. Divide the karat number by 24 before multiplying it by 100. If you do not get the standard two-digit numbers, e.g. three digits, the purity will be expressed as parts per thousand. Convert the number to a percentage via the division of 10. You may get 917, 833, 750, 583, or 417.

How to Determine the Weight of Pure Gold in Your Gold Necklace

It is time to weigh your gold necklace on a precise scale. Remember to remove any parts that are not gold. Multiply the weight of the gold necklace by the purity of the gold alloy. Keep in mind that:


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