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Selling diamonds sounds easy. Unfortunately, it is not the same for people who are selling it for the first time. So, just how do you go about it? How do you find a reputable diamond buyer? How do you get the most cash out of your treasured diamond collection? Here’s how.

Understand The Paperwork Involved

No one will give you an offer for your diamond before first inspecting it. This is the only way buyers know factors such as diamond grade and how much each grade attracts. While appraisers often grade stones accurately, there are instances where other characteristics fall on the line between two characteristics.

In such cases, appraisers usually give stones the lower grade, which always means less money. The best you can do to counter this problem is to present any paperwork you have pertaining to the diamond. This will show the buyer what other experts have determined in regard to grade and other characteristics that make up our diamond. If you have a certification or even a receipt from a respected gemological lab, present it.

Clean Your Diamond

This is all about making a good first impression. Note that diamond always looks appealing. However, everyday items like soap, petroleum, jelly and hand creams can take a toll on your diamond and make it look dirty. To create a good first impression when presenting the diamond to an appraiser or buyer, consider taking your diamond to a professional jeweler for a thorough clean.

Explore Your Options

Do not sell to the first buyer you come across. Shop around for multiple buyers. This will help you understand more about the jewelry market rate. You can then compare prices before settling on one buyer.


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