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If you want some extra cash, selling unwanted gold and jewelry can be a great option. Fortunately, the process is easy with Global Gold and Silver. Consider these tips if you are looking to get the best bargains on selling gold and jewelry online.

Proper Timing

Gold acts as a hedge against fiat currency, especially when the economy is in turmoil. This is the time when it is more in demand, and it reflects on the price. It is seen as a safer investment compared to shares and stocks. If you can perfectly analyze the present state of economy, you would know when to put your gold and jewelry on sale.

Get Your Jewelry Appraised

By weighing your jewelry and looking at the hallmark, you can analyze the worth of your valuables based on current prices. Get an idea from at least two to three reputed jewelers, before putting your gold and jewelry up for sale. Never settle for a poor deal!

Consider The Item’s Total Value

Jewelry is a nice blend of gold, metals, and other precious stones. Don’t fool yourself by considering only the value of the gold that makes up one portion of the item. There is a definite value of craftsmanship as well. So, if you are selling necklaces, earrings, or rings, make sure you are cashing in on their actual valuation.

Sell It On Global Gold And Silver

Global Gold And Silver is a trusted online platform where you can sell everything from silverware and coins to gold and jewelry items. You can enjoy a pleasant experience with us.


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