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Gold and silver proof coins always attract hefty price tags. But that’s only when one has done his or her homework. You have to find out more about the worth of the gold and silver proof coins you wish to sell. While this is often hard especially for first time sellers, there are several online resources that can come in handy when looking for an independent appraiser just as it is the case when selling diamond. To sell with ease and make the most cash out of your silver proof and gold coins, consider the following tips.

Handle Your Coin With Care

If you are lucky enough to have old silver proof sets in sealed envelopes, keep the envelope’s seal intact. Do not break it. You may not be able to confirm the condition of the coins inside the sealed envelope. There is however an assumption that the coins inside are in good condition, so you will be paid according to the sets. You will most likely have a few interested buyers if you have a proof set that is not sealed in an envelope.

Due Diligence

This is simple, but so many sellers still get it wrong. Get as much information as possible about the coin you have. Do the same for your prospective buyer. If it is a business buying from you, find out whether it has been accredited. Find out other factors such as the reputation of the buyer both online and offline. This will give you a hint on what you’re about to deal with as far as valuation is concerned.


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