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When it comes to fine timepieces, one automatically thinks of big names like Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Cartier, and more. Everyone is familiar with these universally accepted status symbols, but are you aware that fakes watches abound in the market too? The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has stated that fakes watches make up approximately nine percent of customs seizures per year. Unfortunately, counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated and can produce top quality replica watches. So, how can one avoid potential heartache; tell a real watch from a fake one?

The Point of Sale

Swiss watch houses only allow certain retailers to sell their watches. This helps protect the desirability, quality, and reputation of their products. That being said, most authentic watches are sold in listed and authorized retail outlets, e.g. luxury retailers and own-brand stores.

Errors in Physical Appearance

You should keep in mind that fakes watches are near-perfect, but one can still spot their flaws. It could be a letter that is too far on the left or right; a minute hand that's too thick or wide; a Rolex Submariner lume marker that's not centralized; fonts that look odd; and more. It is imperative that you refer to the information provided by the official manufacturer‘s website. If the watch has too many tricky parts to access, it would be better if you send the product to a professional to verify the authenticity of the timepiece.

Lack of Certification

Authentic luxury watches typically come with a certificate of authenticity. The document may state if the timepiece is part of a limited edition or not.

You Got A Deal That's Too Good to Be True

Luxury watches can cost a lot of money to make. How can a luxury watch that has a retail price of $9,000 be sold to you at $900? In this case, high-end watches would not be sought-after if they were this cheap. If you are being offered a price that's too good to be true, the watch is fake.


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