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Simply fill out the form on the right to request you’re FREE, no obligation Sell Gold and Silver package. You will immediately be emailed a free prepaid FedEx label and instructions on how to safely send in your gold, silver and diamonds.

Relax, Its FedEx

Every package is shipped with OVERNIGHT shipping and tracking from the moment you send it out until we receive it. Keeping your valuables safe is our first priority; therefore we take every step to keep you informed.

What happens next?

  • Your package is opened and inspected under video monitoring.
  • An expert appraiser will evaluate each item for maximum payout.
  • We will contact you with an offer – you have the choice to accept or decline.

Receive your cash

At Global Gold and Silver, we will not send a payment in the hope that you will accept it, instead every customer has a full 10 days to choose to either accept or decline the offer as well as to discuss the details of the offer with the evaluator.

  • If you accept, immediate payment is issued via check or wire transfer
  • Should you decline, your items are returned to you at no cost.


*Please see our terms and conditions for details.


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