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Do you want to get the best price when selling your loose diamonds? If the answer is yes, look no further than Global Gold and Silver! Why go through the potentially difficult process of selling your diamonds to random jeweler shops or pawnshops? As a specialist that realizes the highest possible price for your diamonds, we can offer you the best price. We pay for what we quote!

What are Loose Diamonds?

Loose DiamondsA loose diamond often refers to a diamond that has been polished and cut. It is basically the end product that begun with a rough diamond, which was extracted from a mine. Loose diamonds are usually ready for sale, as well as ready to be mounted on a pair of earrings, a pendant, a ring, and other types of jewelry. Some clients choose to hold on to loose diamonds for investment purposes.

How much are Loose Diamonds Worth?

Loose diamonds possess more than 20 characteristic that determine their value. Diamonds that have already been set in jewelry are also relatively complex to value. Oftentimes, the 4'cs—color, clarity, cut grade, and carat weight—will be taken into consideration. They are the main ingredients in determining the value of diamonds. Your set of loose diamonds may have come with a diamond certification during your purchase. You should check if you have such documentation on hand.

Next, the value of a diamond can be affected if there is the presence of abrasions or chips. The price may fluctuate if the diamond needs to be recut to remove those flaws. One's return percentage of the retail price will depend on the chosen buyer and the kind of deal that was made. In any case, always look for a reputable buyer to sell your diamonds to. He or she will be able to advice on the desirability of your stones, i.e. is its shape still hot on the diamond sale market, and more.

What Loose Diamonds Can You Sell?

At Global Gold and Silver, we purchase loose diamonds that are:

Why Sell Loose Diamonds to Global Gold and Silver?

Loose DiamondsGlobal Gold and Silver understands our clients' needs to free up finance by selling a currently owned loose diamond. Whether you require money to finance a new project or want to move on emotionally from a previous relationship, we have got you covered. Our company takes pride in completing each transaction with complete care and transparency. We ensure that your loose diamonds are sold in a streamlined manner. All tasks pertaining to the sale will be expertly handled by our team.

At Global Gold and Silver, we have been in the business for almost seven decades. We have also achieved A+ ratings from BBB. You can count on the expertise and experience of our expert GIA gemologists when selling your loose diamonds. Since our inception, we have provided stellar consultation and evaluation solutions for the purchase and sale of jewelry, bullion, watches, gems, and more!


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