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Do you collect vintage platinum and diamond brooches? If you are planning to let part of your collection go, look no further than Global Gold and Silver. We a trusted buyer of high-quality brooches and provide fast and secure solutions to make sure our customers get the best value for their brooches.

What are Brooches?

BroochesAlso known as a fibula, brooches are a type of decorative jewelry item that can be attached to various garments, to ensure the garments are closed in a certain position. A brooch is typically made of metals such as bronze, gold, and silver. However, you may also find brooches that are made of platinum as well. To enhance the appearance of this type of jewelry item, diamonds, enamel, and gemstones have been used to decorate brooches. Some of the common styling options for brooches include perking up a boring bag to make it suitable for dressier occasions, adding some punch to one's go-to blazers, being an eye-catching embellishment at the center of one's buttoned up collar, and more.

Brooches That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Never Underestimate the Value of Your Brooches

If you require extra money for unforeseen expenditures, like buying a new home, a car repair, or an emergency medical treatment, you could consider selling your brooches. If your brooches still look appealing and without any signs of tarnish, you should have a good chance of selling your piece for a good price. As long as you find a reputable and trustworthy jewelry buyer that specializes in any kind of brooches, you will be able to unlock your jewelry’s value.

Why Sell Brooches to Global Gold and Silver?

Once you have decided to sell with Global Gold and Silver, you will find that the process of selling brooches is extremely convenient and easy. This means that you only need to share some basics about you and your vintage brooch, and our in-house technicians will facilitate the rest. From there, we will take it into account several factors, including provenience, brand, rarity, design, age, and materials and then make you a favorable offer. Our company policy guarantees that our valued clients get paid the highest possible prices, the most experience, and the best advice for selling brooches.

We have been in the business for over six decades and have been accredited by the BBB with A+ ratings. Our company is also recognized for our transparent business practices. You will be able to enjoy complete peace of mind when selling your brooches to us. At Global Gold and Silver, it is important to us that our valued customers walk away not only feeling confident and satisfied in the price they have received, but also being educated about the value of the pieces they have sold. We are working tirelessly to ensure that we earn our customers' trust and return patronage.


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