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An excellent way to make some extra cash is by selling scrap gold. Apart from gold coins and jewelry, scrap gold shows a lot of potential as an alternative source of money. If you are looking for scrap gold buyers in New York, Global Gold and Silver is the name you can trust.

What is Scrap Gold?

GoldScrap gold refers to gold that will be sent to a refinery – to be melted down and recycled. Any item containing gold, and is meant to be reprocessed, can be categorized as scrap gold. Let's say that a piece of jewelry was sold to a gold dealer, which was later sent to a refinery. The items you sold are bought as scrap gold.

This type of gold is usually weighed in troy ounces, i.e. 1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams. Pennyweight (dwt) is also another unit of measure for scrap gold. For scrap gold, its value depends on two main factors: purity and weight. You can often determine the amount of karats in the gold jewelry, after determining the price of gold per unit of weight. From there, you will be able to make an educated guess about its value as scrap gold.  

Why You Should Sell Scrap Gold

GoldThese days, it has never been easier to get cash for gold. If you have pieces of gold jewelry in your possession that you don't wear anymore, you can sell it to receive extra cash. Sometimes, this move can help you tide over tough economic times, and you never have to solely rely on your next paycheck. It is easy to gain fast cash to pay your bills by selling scrap gold.

We also understand that some of our clients may want to sell certain gold jewelry due to negative memories associated with those items. If you have a gold jewelry that brings back a bad memory, and you feel it is time to let it go, we are able to buy it from you. After selling it as scrap gold, you also have the opportunity to buy new jewelry with the cashback.

How to Sell Scrap Gold

The process for selling scrap gold is easy. You just need to send it to a specified carrier and we will take the necessary steps to determine the gold's true value. As the final gold prices are determined by the karat and weight of the gold, you can get more cash when you sell more scrap gold. After evaluating the value, we will seek your approval to buy the scrap gold from you. This can happen within the same day. We will then proceed to process the payment once you agreed to sell your gold to us.

Why Sell Scrap Gold to Global Gold and Silver?

Global Gold and Silver has been in the business for more than 60 years. We offer a transparent service and have achieved A+ ratings from BBB. What's more, our team comprises of expert GIA gemologists who can provide stellar consultation and evaluation solutions. Since our inception, we are widely recognized in this industry when it comes to the buying and selling of gems, watches, bullion, and gold jewelry.

When you work with our seasoned NYC gold buyers, you can expect a pleasant experience from start to finish. Our in-house jewelry appraisers and certified technicians have access to the best resources to conduct detailed assessments of the purity, weight, and payout of each and every item. That's why we can make sure that you are getting the best deal for scrap gold when you work with us! 


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