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Sell your Rolex

So, you finally decided its time to sell your Rolex watch, now you need a local New York / New Jersey watch buyers to determine its fair market value and provide a no-nonsense quote! Good, that’s what we are here for! We have expert watch buyers on staff and ready to buy right in New York City as well as other selling locations, so don't hesitate to come for an appraisal!


We have positive reviews thought the web on Yelp and Google, and we’re accredited – just ask the Better Business Bureau! Our staff of Rolex watch buyers in NYC have over 60 years of experience and have paid thousands for Rolex watches people no longer wear.We Buy Rolex Daytona, Submariners and Yachtmasters.

Rolex WatchSome of the Rolex models we buy include:

DateJust | Daytona |Submariner | Explorer | Yachtmaster | GMT-Master | President Sea-Dweller | Air King | Milgauss | Cellini | Vintage Rolex Models| Ladies Rolex Models

We pay more for your Rolex then;

Pawn Shops | Retail Jewelry stores | Hotel Buyers | As seen on TV company’s

Get the most competitive Rolex payouts.

Some foolish Rolex watch buyers are nothing more then a clerk who will weigh and pay for your watches “gold” value, beware of such inexperienced establishments. At global our staff is knowledgeable and will take the following steps before providing an offer;

Step 1 – Our Rolex buyers will identify the exact model, Daytona, submariner…

Step 2 – Our buyers will examine your Rolex for other nuances that increase value such as a diamond dial, popular years and commemorative models.

Step 3 – The serial number is then examined to determine the year of your Rolex

Step 4- Finally we do the research to determine the value of your Rolex watch in the market and make you a competitive offer to sell.

Thanks to our connections in the industry we buy Rolex’s for very competitive payouts because we have many options on the sell side including Auction Houses, dealer to dealer networks as well as retail.

NYC, Brooklyn and New Jersey Locations

If you live in New York or New Jersey visit one of our NYC watch buyers or NJ watch buyers to get a free appraisal on your Rolex watch, there is no obligation of-course and if you choose to sell your Rolex you are paid on the spot.

How to sell a Rolex with Global?

we suggest you make an appointment by calling us first at 800-680-9757, we want to make sure that we have the most experienced Rolex buyer available to help you! Bring the Box and papers, it helps to authenticate the watch and increases the value. its also important to bring your identification – we need it in case you decide to sell your Rolex on the spot. the entire process should take no more than 15 minutes.

We make it easy to sell an old Rolex!

There are no scams to worry about here, thousands of satisfied customers choose Global to sell a Rolex they no longer wear. our approach always yields the highest compensation for our customers. Visit one of our locations to sell your rolex watch in NYC or NJ.


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