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Coins and coin collections can fetch a lot. A single pre-1965 quarter might be worth as much as five dollars.

Whether you’ve got silver half dollars, Franklin Mint sets, junk silver, or uncirculated coinage from anywhere around the world, we take a different approach to buying. We don’t believe in smelting these items down. As much as possible, we sell them to coin collectors, investors, and other interested buyers. For this reason, we’re able to offer you a heftier price.

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Sell Silver Eagles

- Morgan Silver Dollars
- American Silver Eagles

Silver Coins

Sell Silver Coins

- Pre 1965 half dollars
- Pre 1965 quarters
- Pre 1965 dimes
- 1966-1969 half dollars

Sell Silver

Sell Foreign Coins

- Silver Chinese Panda coins
- Canadian Silver Maples
- Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Silver Coins

Sell Proof Coins

Sell U.S Mint coin sets for cash.

Proof Sets

Sell Graded Coins

We buy all
silver coins.

Silver Coins

Sell Commemorative Coins

- Mint Errors
- Pre 1965 half dollars
- Pre 1965 quarters
- Pre 1965 dimes
- 1966-1969 half dollars


Looking for the best place to sell silver coins? At Global Gold and Silver our coin buyers can answer your every question about how to sell silver coins, with no obligation to sell. Our coin buyers are trained to identify your coin first, determine its melt value or numismatic value – whichever is greater – and make you the most competitive offer on the market. Some of the many silver coins we buy include:

How Much are My Silver Coins Worth?

If you wish to sell silver coins for cash, how much you get for them will depend on several factors. If you bought your silver coins more than 10 years ago you can expect to get a good price since the value of silver has risen over the past 6 to 7 years. (The value of silver has continued to rise as the need for industry outweighs the production of silver.) Determining the exact value of your coins requires an experienced coin buyer to look at the coin in person, however.

Where to Sell Silver Coins

Global Gold and Silver’s impressive resume boasts second generation coin buyers, numismatic experts and over 60 years of experience in selling silver and gold coins. Unlike public coin stores, where privacy is usually not observed, we offer a specialized setting with seclusion and security for determining coin values and the amount of cash for gold and silver coins you will receive.

Our Process

  1. Speak with a local coin buyer at Global Gold and Silver’s New York or New Jersey locations
  2. Fill out the form on the right for a fast and free appraisal kit with insured FedEx shipping with up to $25,000 insurance.


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