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Are you looking to sell your collection of silver coins/bullion? At Global Gold and Silver, we can provide you with a safe and discreet one-on-one consultation with a trusted buyer. As a reputable coin and bullion buyer in NJ and Manhattan, you can be sure that we are 100% committed to your satisfaction.

What are Silver Coins/Bullion?

Silver bullion refers to silver in various forms, including rounds, ingots, coins, and bars. Some of the most popular silver coins are the silver Britannia's, Kookaburras, Maple Leafs, and Eagles. You should keep in mind that not all silver coins/bullion is created equal. This happens because not all of them are struck to the same fineness. Different silver bullion coins sometimes possess higher prices, offer smaller numbers, or have unlimited mintages. Today, an affordable way to purchase silver bullion is in the form of silver rounds and silver bars.

Silver Coins/Bullion That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Sell Silver Eagles

- Morgan Silver Dollars
- American Silver Eagles

Silver Coins

Sell Silver Coins

- Pre 1965 half dollars
- Pre 1965 quarters
- Pre 1965 dimes
- 1966-1969 half dollars

Sell Silver

Sell Foreign Coins

- Silver Chinese Panda coins
- Canadian Silver Maples
- Austrian Silver Philharmonics

Silver Coins

Sell Proof Coins

Sell U.S Mint coin sets for cash.

Proof Sets

Sell Graded Coins

We buy all
silver coins.

Silver Coins

Sell Commemorative Coins

- Mint Errors
- Pre 1965 half dollars
- Pre 1965 quarters
- Pre 1965 dimes
- 1966-1969 half dollars


Why do People Invest in Silver Coins/Bullion?

Many investors purchase silver coins or silver bullion for survival purposes, as an inflation hedge, or as an investment. Some groups of individuals also fear deflation. When deflation happens, assets that have bubbled higher and beyond reason, have its price significantly lowered. Things that could be affected include real estate, insurance against lost value in bonds, derivatives, bonds, and stocks.

So why silver, and not gold? For some people, silver is more affordable than gold. That's why silver investors can accumulate more silver than gold, dollar for dollar. You will be able to dollar cost average into a position through small purchases made regularly. For small investors, this option is more feasible as it allows them to purchase up to 50 ounces of silver for approximately $1,000. This amount can't even buy them one ounce of gold.

Why Sell Silver Coins/Bullion to Global Gold and Silver?

Sell Silver CoinsAt Global Gold and Silver, it is our duty to make our valued customers feel safe and secure throughout their visit. We understand that selling a valuable investment is a major and sometimes emotional decision. That's why we are constantly working hard to distinguish ourselves from other coin and bullion buyers with an unwavering commitment to complete transparency, honesty, and discretion.

When you work with our team of in-house technicians and appraisers, you can be sure that you will receive our complete and undivided attention. We do not have the practice of rushing our clients and pressure them into selling anything to us. Our company has been purchasing silver coins and bullion for more than 60 years. We have also served generations of satisfied customers and earned the A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

If you are ready to sell your silver coins, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our certified buyers. Our buyers will promptly evaluate your collection and ensure you understanding what is happening throughout the process. Talk to us today to find out more!


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