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Are you looking to sell one of your junk silver coin collection, but do not know how much it is worth? Look no further than Global Gold and Silver. We have a team of buyers that specialize in buying junk silver coins. We are able to advice you on the sale of such coins and ensure that you can walk away feeling satisfied with the perfect deal.

What are Junk Silver Coins?

Junk Silver CoinsNorth America utilizes a term called "junk silver coins" to describe silver coins that were utilized as legal tender in the United States prior to the 1960s and are now traded mostly in bulk for their silver value. U.S. half dollars, dollars, quarters, and dimes struck before 1965 contain a 90% pure silver content. The majority of investors prefer buying silver coins this way because they are available in a form that they trust and are familiar with.

Coin collectors have been hoarding these silver coins since they were removed from circulation. This practice has made the coins scarce and more desirable in the long term. Junk silver coins as silver investments provided:

Junk Silver Coins That Global Gold and Silver Buys

How is the Value of Junk Silver Coins Calculated?

Since the silver content of half dollars, quarters, and dimes is proportionate to their denomination, you can calculate that for each dollar in face value there is approximately .7234 ounces of silver in each coin. Next, the majority of coins have worn out from many years of circulation. This means you should work out the silver content amount that is currently left in the coins at nearly .72 ounces of silver, in terms of face value per dollar. Proceed to use the silver's latest spot price to calculate the estimated value of the coins' silver content. You would want to multiply the following factors: .715 x the face value of the coins x spot price of silver. You can ignore the copper content of your coins (about 10%) as their value is so small.

Why Sell Junk Silver Coins to Global Gold and Silver?

At Global Gold and Silver, we buy a wide range of junk silver coins. There is an extremely good chance that we will purchase the particular type of silver coin you want to sell. In many ways, selling to Global Gold and Silver is like buying from us. You can rest assured that the team members in our purchasing department are friendly and helpful.

Since our inception, we have a habit of authenticating products as soon as they arrive. This practice allows us to release our customers' payment quickly. You may be pleased to know that we pay fair and market-driven prices for any coin we authenticate and inspect. We understand that no one wants to pay hidden fees on top of what is shown on our deal.


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