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Silver has the ability to fetch one of the highest prices on the modern market, in recent memory. While gold remains a hot commodity right now, more individuals are becoming aware that when the price of gold rises, the price of silver continues to climb as well. If you happen to own silver items that you no longer have interest in keeping, now would be the perfect time to sell it on the market. At Global Gold and Silver, we are a reputable buyer when it comes to cash for silver.

What is Cash For Silver?

Silver-ingots-backgroundThe set of silverware you received was such a splendid gift, until you realized that those items need to be regularly cleaned and maintained. Gorgeous old silver tea sets, pitchers, bowls, trays, and flatware may be more of a hassle that people are reluctant to deal with. Fortunately, there are many businesses out there, Global Gold and Silver included, that are willing to buy your silver. If you decide to sell your silver items, you will want to get top dollar. Global Gold and Silver can help!

Which Type of Silver can You Sell for Cash?

About Silver

Silverware was historically made from silver, a soft and malleable metal. As it was necessary to blend the silver with other metals to enhance its strength, those events gave rise to Sterling Silver. This has long been recognized as the silver standard. Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% pure silver and more than 7% of other metals like copper. Silver-plate cutlery is made from a base metal such as zinc, nickel, or copper. These items are often coated with a layer of silver. Next, it is important to note that other types of cutlery and flatware contain no silver at all. In today's time, most common varieties are made of stainless steel. They are 18/10 or 18/8 alloys. These numbers refer to the steel alloy's composition, e.g. an iron base metal blended with 8%/10% nickel and 18% chromium.

Why Sell Cash For Silver to Global Gold and Silver?

Our company is widely known to many silver owners out there. What's more, we offer valuation services that are free of charge. Yes, no strings attached! Since our inception, we have been providing transparent services and always strive to provide an educational environment for all our valued clients. We have accumulated over 60 years of experience in the industry, and we specialize in watches, gold, jewelry, gems, and bullions.

Our A+ rated company comprises of seasoned NYC silver buyers and can facilitate a highly satisfactory transaction for you. At Global Gold & Silver, we understand that selling your silver collectibles can be a personal and even emotional decision. That's why we aim to simplify the process and ensure that your transaction is completed in a fast, private, and secure manner. We also strive to provide the best possible offers via a price match guarantee.

If you wish to sell silver for the best prices, do not hesitate to contact Global Gold and Silver for assistance today!


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