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Do you own scrap silver that you plan to turn into cash today? If the answer is yes, look no further than Global Gold and Silver. We are a reputable buyer of scrap silverware. Our company continually strives to offer you the best possible value for your items as well.

What is Scrap Silverware?

CutleryScrap silver is a type of precious metal that has a much higher resale value than other conventional types of scrap metal. Scrap silver is typically sold in troy ounces, ounces, or grams. Most weights of silver are based on the spot price, i.e. trade per ounce. If you are making a sale in troy ounces, your quoted rate should be approximately 90-91% of the spot price (less any premiums that your dealer charges you). If your silver price is quoted in grams, you are recommended to multiply that price to determine how close it is to the most current spot price. Most scrap silver comes in the form of common household items, flatware, and jewelry. Today, there are actually 10 different types of silver found in commonly used products in the United States.

Factors that Constitute Scrap Silver

Most UK hallmarked silver has a 92.5% silver content, at the minimum. The remaining contents consist of mostly copper. Next, the silver has to bear Irish, Scottish, English, or other silver marks that are above or equal to the Sterling 925 standard. Scrap silver has to be clean, which means there should not be any non-silver elements such as resin, wooden handles, enamel, and more.

Understanding the Scrap Element

When silverware is considered scrap, it means that the intrinsic metal value of those pieces have out-priced their value as an article. These articles are now valued purely on their metal value, i.e. by their weight. Such articles may include flatware from the 19th and 20th centuries, boxes, cigarette cases, condiment sets, napkin rings, dishes, baskets, mugs, bowls, cups, trays, and tea sets. They could also be worn, damaged, or repaired. Next, the common types of items that still maintain their article value include novelties, good quality silver (from the 18th century or earlier), good quality antique hollowware, small collectables, and more.

Why Sell Scrap Silverware to Global Gold and Silver?

Old-antique-silverware,-isolated-white-backgroundYou will be pleased to know that we have maintained a consistent track record of providing stellar consultation and evaluation solutions for the purchase and sale of gold, jewelry, bullion, watches, and gems for more than a decade. Buying silverware is one of our specializations! What's more, we achieved A+ ratings from the BBB. Global Gold and Silver places a huge emphasis on employing the best business practices to benefit our clients.

Our team has accumulated more than 60 years' worth of experience in the field. We are confident that our in-house certified silver technicians can conduct detailed assessments to determine an accurate and fair payout for your scrap silverware. When you choose to sell scrap silverware to Global Gold and Silver, you can expect a pleasant experience from start to finish.

If you have any questions regarding our buying requirements for scrap silverware, do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff members today!


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