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Silver is appealing in so many ways. Investors often recognize these articles for their global worth and liquidity. When an individual invests in precious metals, one option he or she may consider is the purchase of silver bullion. If you are planning to let go part of your silver bullion collection, look no further than Global Gold and Silver.

What is Silver Bullion?

10-Troy-Ounce-Silver-Bullion-BarsBullion is a term that refers to bulk silver. They could come in several variations such as rounds, bars, coins, and other shapes that are traded on the commodities market. Some of the most popular silver coins are the silver Britannia's, Kookaburras, Maple Leafs, and Eagles. As a buyer, one must always take note of the differences so that he or she can make an educated purchase.

The requirements for an article to be called silver bullion can be strict. They must meet purity standards of 99.9 on the London Bullion Market. All in all, silver bullion and other precious metals provide a reassuringly solid base of reliable value in the jerky seas of global financial shock and inflation.

How is Silver Transformed into Bullion?

Silver bullion is formed by melting silver grain at temperatures in excess of 1600 degrees. This process is designed to transform it from a solid state to molten liquid. Once the contents are completed melted, liquid silver is poured into molds. From there, they are sized into evenly-proportioned bars. Next, purity marks and other identifying information are stamped on those silver bars. High-tech equipment will then be used to ensure incredible accuracy for purity testing. Just like gold bullion, silver bullion is weighed in troy ounces.

Why is Silver Bullion Popular?

In the past, silver was used more often than gold as a currency. Since then, silver has become the people’s choice for money. The metal was chosen because it was found to be a fair medium of exchange that held its value exceptionally well over long periods of time. Along with its golden counterpart, silver continues to be one of those elements that fulfill the characteristics of money, in terms of supply, uniformity, divisibility, portability, and durability.

Why Sell Silver Bullion to Global Gold and Silver?

Silver-BullionIf you are new to the scene and want to know how selling silver bullion works, Global Gold and Silver has the answers that you seek. Whether you are selling silver bullion in NJ or Manhattan, our team has got you well covered. With the assistance of our in-house silver experts, you are guaranteed to enjoy a smooth process from start to finish.

Apart from our transparent business practices, our valued clients can also enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that we have achieved A+ ratings from the BBB. Global Gold and Silver has been in the business for more than a decade, and continually strives to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry. When it comes to buying silver bullion, we provide free consultation and evaluation solutions. There are no obligations for you to sell your silver bullion. You sell them to use when you are ready!

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