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If you are planning to sell some of your uncirculated coins because they have outgrown their appeal, you have come to the right place. At Global Gold and Silver, we buy a wide variety of coins, uncirculated ones included. Regardless of the amount sold, we aim to pay the highest price possible for your coins.

What are Uncirculated Gold Coins?

If a coin has never been circulated in the regular money supply for any economy, it is referred to as an uncirculated coin. That coin should also show no signs of wear on either side of its surfaces. A majority of modern coins, which are mass-produced in large quantities, often feature small scrapes, dings, and nicks on their surfaces. These imperfections may have occurred during the manufacturing or transportation phases.

The United States Mint was first founded in the late 1700's, and it has been selling coins to coin collectors since its inception. In 1947, the first official uncirculated mint sets were specially packaged by the government. For the U.S., uncirculated coins are graded from MS-70 (perfect condition) to MS-60 (lots of imperfections).

How are Uncirculated Gold Coins Identified?

Coins that just came from a coining press are expected to exhibit a luster that can only be produced by the minting process. If you pick up one of the coins, hold it under a single light source, and then tilt it from side to side or top to bottom, that light 'dances' around the surface of the coin. This is also called the cartwheel effect. If a coin does not do the cartwheel, it cannot be classified as uncirculated. When checking, you may also look at the highest points of the design for the cartwheel effect. If the effect only happen in the fields of the coin, and not the highest points, that is an uncirculated coin as well.

Uncirculated Gold Coins That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why Sell Uncirculated Gold Coins to Global Gold and Silver?

At Global Gold & Silver, we understand that selling your uncirculated coins can be a personal and even emotional decision. That's why we have a process that is fast, private, and secure. We also aim to provide the best possible offers and a price match guarantee. We have been in the business for more than 60 years, specializing in watches, gold, jewelry, gems, and bullions. Our A+ rated company comprises of seasoned NYC coin buyers and can facilitate a highly satisfactory transaction for you.

Since our inception, we have been very transparent with our services and strive to provide an educational environment for all our valued clients. Our company is widely known to many uncirculated coin sellers out there. What's more, we offer valuation services that are free of charge with no strings attached.

If you wish to sell your uncirculated coins for the best prices, do not hesitate to contact Global Gold and Silver for assistance today!


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