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Global Gold and Silver is a reputable US gold coin buyer. Our company is able to purchase gold coins and pay the most competitive prices possible for them. If you plan to sell your US gold coins, you can count on our fast, discreet, and secure process to help you get the best deal on your valuable coins.

What are US Gold Coins?

Us Gold CoinThe US's official gold bullion coin is none other than the American Gold Eagle. The coin design is authorized under the 1985's Gold Bullion Coin Act and was first released in 1986. Oftentimes, the market value of the coins is similar to the market value of their gold content. You should not associate the former with their face value. US gold coins can comprise of 91.67% gold, 5.33% copper, and 3% silver. In addition, bullion coins may carry face values of $5, $10, $25, and $50. An example of the coin face values not reflecting their intrinsic value is: the 2012 one ounce coin, with a $50 face value, was sold by the US Mint at nearly $1,900.

US Gold Coins That Global Gold and Silver Buys

Why are US Gold Coins Popular?

US Gold CoinsAlthough the price of gold changes regularly, the demand for US gold coins such as the American Eagles continues to increase. This is due to their American orientation, quality, and secure nature – guaranteed by the United States Government. The gold coins fit the profiles of investors who want to invest in gold for the diversification, liquidity, and stability that can be added to their investment portfolio. There are many ways to invest in physical gold and US gold coins are one of those instruments. If you are selling gold coins, you are sure to gain decent returns.

Why Sell US Gold Coins to Global Gold and Silver?

At Global Gold and Silver, we provide free consultation and evaluation solutions for the buying and selling of US gold coins. We have been in the business for over six decades and are widely recognized for our transparent business practices. That's why we are able to achieve A+ ratings from the BBB. Since our inception, we have continually strived to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. Whether you are selling US gold coins in New Jersey or Manhattan, you can be sure that we've got you well covered. With the assistance of our in-house coin technicians and jewelry appraisers, you will be able to sell your gold coins with confidence.

It is no secret that Global Gold and Silver wants to help our valued clients make informed decisions. That's why you are not obliged to sell any of your gold possessions even if they are just brought to us for a valuation. We are more than happy to do that free of charge and help you acquire a deeper understanding of how selling US gold coins in NYC works. Talk to us today and find out more.


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